Karen worked as a registered nurse for 20 years in the NHS and for private agencies, most recently working as a nurse specialist running a dermatology treatment clinic at a local district hospital. 

"In my nursing career I cared for patients with a variety of long term conditions, illnesses and chronic pain.  I began learning about mindfulness in 2010 and I undertook an 8 week mindfulness course in 2011.  Through practising mindfulness I began to learn much more about myself and I started to uncover the authentic part of me, buried under years of fitting in and meeting others requirements and expectations.  After practising mindfulness for about 18 months I decided to share my experience of mindfulness through training to teach mindfulness techniques to others, enabling them to learn this transformative skill, to become more themselves and through this discovery learn how to cope better with the stresses and anxieties we all experience in daily life.  I believe mindfulness has to become a part of who we are, not just something we do and I work hard to ensure every person I teach has the opportunity to learn how to integrate mindfulness into their own lives in ways which will be sustainable.

I chose to train with the Breathworks organisation, based in Manchester and attended three residential training retreats over a period of 15 months with much reading and personal practice in between.  The training allowed me to develop my own personal practice of mindfulness and to deepen my understanding of the effectiveness of this life skill in improving the quality of life for any individual".

Karen offers a variety of options for you to learning mindfulness in the Somerset area: one to one mindfulness and meditation coaching sessions that last between an hour and ninety minutes, ninety minute taster sessions and half day and whole day workshops, as well as running the eight week Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses for  individuals.  The one to one sessions can be held in the privacy of your own home if this is preferable to you.  

Karen teaches mindfulness techniques that can be built into a tool kit of strategies, attitudes and practices to empower you to cope with difficulties in life. This can improve your quality of life and will increase your sense of well-being.  It encourages a sense of connection with others and often helps to improve our relationships, which tend to suffer when we are coping with pain, illness, stress and depression.

Please Contact Me for further details of where and when courses and workshops are taking place.