The following testimonials are from those I have taught who have had chronic pain, ill health, cancer, stress and anxiety.  They have each undertaken an 8 week mindfulness course either in a group or on a one to one basis.

"Working with Karen has probably been the most positive thing that I have done for myself in the whole of my life. The eight week Mindfulness Course has helped me deal with all the aspects of several painful illnesses, see how to care for myself better, and thereby care for others with more compassion. It's a bit like being reborn, except that this time I know how to go about living life to the full! The illnesses have not gone, but they no longer control me - I know how to control them. Thank you, Karen - I do owe you my life." SS MfH one to one course June 2017

"Karen was excellent and extremely helpful in reinforcing the Mindfulness book and CD information.  Karen was excellent at explaining all the approaches and was extremely friendly and approachable.  I have greatly benefitted and have been able to graduate back to work and start enjoying my life again despite my pain.  I would highly recommend her to friends/family and anyone who needs help" JB MfH one to one 8 week course March 2017

"Karen was a fantastic tutor.  Her manner of explaining was fantastic.  Her understanding and kindness at each session made me feel really at ease." RR MfS one to one 8 week course March 2017

"Karen is an amazing lady and has really helped me.  She's not only a good teacher, but someone to talk to as well.  She's extremely friendly and very helpful with any questions and willing to chat about any problem you have even if it is not the appropriate week for the meditations we're doing" GS  8 week MfS March 2017

"Karen was excellent, her professionalism combined with her understanding of what she was teaching us was second to none.  I found her very easy to talk to, she explained things brilliantly and was compassionate in how she dealt with us all and our difficulties.  I would not hesitate in attending another course that Karen is teaching.  I feel that I have really benefitted from the last 8 weeks - and this is down to Karen and her ability as a mindfulness teacher" RL 8 week MfS March 2017

"Karen has made this course really worthwhile for me.  She is an excellent tutor and I shall miss her very soothing voice.  She is a gem" AH 8 week MfS March 2017

"Very very helpful and approachable & understanding; would recommend her to anyone" TF one to one 8 week MfS Jan 2017

"I cannot recommend Karen highly enough, she teaches her courses so well, and her passion shines. Sign up for this course, you won't regret it and it will have an enormous impact on your life" RC one to one 4 session MfS Jan 2017

"Karen was, for me, the perfect guide to Mindfulness.  She is open, warm, utterly non-judgmental and extremely empathic.  Our sessions felt like a safe space for my soul and what I learned with her helped me enormously through a very challenging period of my life"  KS 8 week MfS Course June 2016

"I feel I made a great choice in Karen and have had increased admiration for her skills week on week.  She makes it look easy, but she is a very flexible teacher and I want to come back.  I have really enjoyed and look forward to our sessions more and more. They have been a real benefit" EB MfS 4 session one to one course May 2016

"Karen is an exceptional person.  Her teaching is gentle and she makes the course so liveable.  Thank you."  AH MfS course April 2016

"Wonderful - listened - understood.  Felt very relaxed.  Felt guarded at first but then felt secure to open up.  Non-judgmental" ME MfS course Jan 2016

"Initial contact with Karen made me realise how openly approachable she is, ideal for communicating course contents.  At the end of the course my initial thoughts proved to be correct and a thoroughly enjoyable experience made possible by Karen's approach to mindfulness."  HF  MfS course Jan 2016

Update April 2016

"I'm amazed how much better I am feeling, both physically and mentally.  In the last few weeks, I have decreased my medication as my physical pain is far more manageable, I'm much calmer and have more energy to enjoy the things I do, although I am very much aware that I need to pace myself.  My husband likes the new me and can't believe the difference!"

"Very helpful and explained things in a way which was easy to understand.  Never any trouble to go over anything.  Very patient & understanding. A lovely person" RH MfS Nov 2015

"Karen has been excellent. Very knowledgeable with a great style of delivery.  A great example of a mindfulness practitioner." ER 4 session MfS course October 2015

"Simply excellent - very present, inclusive, kind and above all humane.  Very "sage" environment." CJ 4 session MfS course October 2015

"Excellent communicator - ability to pick up threads in discussion and develop them" AC 4 session Stress course October 2015

Karen is brilliant - she is interesting, thoughtful, empathetic and kind.  Karen has made a big difference to me and my often chaotic brain.  FL 8 week Stress course May 2015

Karen is very open and engaging, a natural carer with enough life experience to give relevance & thorough understanding. RL 8 week Stress course May 2015

"On the occasions that I've struggled with parts of the course, Karen managed to help me get back on track.  I can't put into words how much she has helped me, thank you" HM 8 week one to one  Health course April 2015

"Approach and content was brilliant.  Has changed my life for the better!  Thank you, I shall definitely be recommending to friends and family." HM 8 week one to one Health course. April 2015

"Karen has been an excellent blend of teacher, companion, explorer and supporter.  I owe her a great deal and thank her very much"  JB, one to one Mindfulness for Health course.  March 2015

Update Jan 2017.

"Mindfulness is still a part of my everyday life. I have found that regular walks are now my best form of exercise and I spend large parts of that time focusing on breath/body parts/nature/sounds........This has helped me to remain more present and less stressed. 

I also still enjoy the odd body scan meditation and this is still a powerful process for me."

"Great teacher, great course"  SA, 8 week group Health course March 2015

"Gentle, compassionate, intelligent and very honest; absolute pleasure to work with and be taught by" SP, 8 week Mindfulness for Health course March 2015

"Lucid delivery, lighthearted, relaxing atmosphere" MB, 8 week Mindfulness for Health course March 2015

"Thank you for guiding us through a really useful Mindfulness course with such patience, understanding and kindness.  Your explanations made everything so very simple and obvious and helped me greatly" JM 8 week Health course March 2015

"Very knowledgeable and clear in her ability to teach, communicate and pass on information" JT 8 week Health course June 2014

"Karen was very good and friendly in discussions and brought forward helpful insights and analogies" KW 8 week Health course June 2014

"Empathetic manner enabled the asking of questions and clarification in a non-judgemental environment!" JW 8 week Health course June 2014

"Well-led group discussions with open questions" EH 8 week Health course. June 2014