One to One Courses

If you would like to undertake a full course on a one to one basis, for whatever reason, I am happy to teach the 8 week courses to individuals. It allows you flexibility about the frequency and timing of sessions to suit your needs and I can meet you at my home in Taunton or in the privacy of your own home, depending on current Government restrictions.  I can also offer teaching via Zoom if social distancing or lockdown requirements do not allow us to meet in person.

The 4 session course sessions last for 2-3 hours or if you would prefer to meet each week for 8 weeks the sessions last up to 90 minutes. 

Full details :

Cost: In your home - £300. In my home - £280 

The course can be paid for in instalments as long as the final payment is made by the end of the course.  I offer reduced fees to those on low incomes or receiving benefits, please Contact Me for details about this.

Mindfulness Modules

These shorter modules are intended as introductions to mindfulness.  The sessions last up to 90 minutes and each module lasts for 4 weeks.  If you wish to learn mindfulness but do not wish to commit to an 8 week course, the first module will introduce you to the basic mindfulness skills used and encourage you with ideas for incorporating mindfulness into your daily life.  The subsequent modules take the learning further.

Cost: In your home - £100.  In my home - £80

One to One Mindfulness Sessions

I offer the opportunity to learn mindfulness skills on a one to one basis with no commitment to undertaking a full 8 week course.  The sessions last approximately 90 minutes and we start by exploring how mindfulness can help and learning one or two mindfulness practices that you can incorporate into your daily life.  We examine how to cope with the crisis points that crop up in everyday life and you have the opportunity to learn skills to cope with these.  The one to one sessions can be held in your own home if you are within Somerset, or at mine.  

Cost: In your home - £50.  In my home - £45.